jira-maven-plugin 0.4

One of the features which I’ve been playing with in my day job has been to do with the use of JIRA‘s versions. Historically, these haven’t been used very effectively in our organisation and it wasn’t until we carried out a migration of development teams from ClearQuest to JIRA that teams had to start using these with greater rigour.

As a personal side project to this I spotted that there was a plugin for Apache Maven which allowed the creation/updating of JIRA’s versions from within a project’s Maven Project Object Model (pom.xml).

The original version which was available made use of JIRA’s SOAP API to perform the updates to versions within a JIRA project. The deprecation of the SOAP API had been announced back in May 2015 – so there was a definite need to look at porting this to JIRA’s REST API instead.

Since then I’ve knocked together some changes to the code which have been pushed upstream to move it across and we’ve reached the point that a version 0.4 release is possible.

This is still definitely version 0.x quality software but it now makes use of Maven’s encrypted credentials and JIRA’s REST API so that’s pretty neat.

To make use of it make sure your repository service is proxying the Sonatype OSS public repository at https://oss.sonatype.org/content/groups/public/ and then add the following dependency to your POM: